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Who We Are

We are an unique skicare and haircare brand.

Unique because we use 100% Natural and Pure ingredients sourced from across Indian Sub-Continent to carefully handcraft all our products. Our products are absolutely Chemical, Preservative and Additive free. We do not use any kinds of fragrances and colours in our products. All our products are well researched and thoughtfully formulated using ancient traditional practices and are authentic to its core. We believe in sustainable practices and use sustainable yet user friendly packaging for easy usage of our products.

Our Ingredients & Practices

Our Ingredients:

The ingredients which we use in our entire range of products comprises of exotic herbs sourced from across Indian Subcontinent. While some are sourced from deep forests of Himalayan foothills, others are sourced from forests of western ghats.

Our Practices:

We at Kanttiveda closely work with farmers and certified sellers for their fresh and authentic produce as source of our raw material.

lap of mother earth is full of healing herbs, we just handpick the right ones for you.

All goodies of Kanttiveda are handcrafted using natural ingredients in their natural and pure form without any chemicals, preservatives, added colours and fragrances

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Our Strength

We source all our natural ingredients from Tribal Forests in India. We are 100% natural, away from chemicals, and made with ayurvedic recipes and benefits. We use sustainable packaging for our products in reusable steel Indian tins to do our part for the environment.

Home Of Our Origin

Kanttiveda was born out of need to develop 100% natural products and bringing a revolution in skincare and haircare industry. We at Kanttiveda strive to develop CHEMICAL FREE, NATURAL AND PLANT BASED handcrafted SKINCARE products with no added preservatives, colours and fragrances. Use of quality ingredients, tried and tested old age traditional recipes and tender human touch forms the basis of all our fomulations.

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Why Choose Us

Everlasting Youth

All that glitters is not gold.Make the right choices for your skin and hair for everlasting youth, with us.


We know, this question of trust, this feeling of false promises all around you clouds your sense of judgement and ability to pick the right product for yourself. But we have full faith in you that you will overcome all this dilemma and will truly listen and cater to the needs of your skin and hair.

Traditional Recipes

Our foremost motive is to bring to you those skincare and haircare products which are formulated using traditional recipes which have stood the test of time since time immemorial.

Customer Satisfaction

Our foremost goal: Customer satisfaction has always been our first and foremost motive. Just one call away, we have skincare experts at your disposal to address all your doubts and help you having a great experience with our products.

Long Term Benefits

Our products are not only chemical free, they also provide you long term benefits by eliminating the root cause of your skin and hair related woos.

Pure Ingredients

All our ingredients are pure and lab certified. To keep our ingredients authentic to its core, we buy them in their raw forms and then process them in our facility.